Top 10 Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

By Muk Eun Ji / a couple of weeks ago

If you love making your own coffee, you may have wondered what you can do with all those used coffee grounds besides throwing them in the garbage where they will eventually end up in landfills.  Here are some creative ways to use coffee grounds that you may not have thought of.

1. Use old coffee grounds in your garden

Coffee grounds are a great addition to your compost heap. If you don’t compost, you can actually sprinkle coffee grounds directly on the surface of the soil, or use the grounds as a mulch for your favorite plants.

2. Fertilize household plants

You can also use coffee grounds indoors as a fertilizer for your household plants. Not only will the coffee grounds provide nourishment to the plants, but they also repel insect pests that can damage the plants.

3. Exfoliate your face

Mix fresh, used coffee grounds with olive oil and gently scrub your face with the mixture, using your fingers in a circular motion. Rinse the mixture off with warm, clean water. 

4. Hand scrub

If your hands are covered with auto grease or paint after you have been working, try using coffee grounds as a scrub to remove the stains and grease. Then wash as usual with soap and water.

5. Neutralize fridge odors

Simply place your used coffee grounds in a cup or bowl at the big of the fridge to help deodorize your refrigerator and neutralize bad odors.

6. Reduce cellulite

Many commercial cellulite preparations contain caffeine as one of the active ingredients. You can make a cheaper version of a cellulite treatment at home by creating a mixture of fresh, warm used coffee grounds and olive oil. Massage the mixture into the areas where you have cellulite.  Cover the entire area with plastic wrap and leave it for ten minutes. Then remove the wrap and grounds and rinse the skin with soap and water. 

7. Clean your pet’s fur

Shampoo your dog or cat and then rub used coffee grounds into the fur and skin of the animal. Wash your pet again to remove the coffee grounds. This treatment will repel fleas and other troublesome insects while helping to deodorize your pet’s fur.

8. Clean the fireplace

Sprinkle fresh, wet coffee grounds on your fireplace ashes so you can clean them up more easily. Leave them for fifteen minutes before you sweep them up. The wet coffee grounds will keep your ashes from swirling around in the air.

9. Ant-repellent

Use coffee grounds as an ant-repellent. Simply sprinkle a solid barrier of coffee grounds to protect any areas where you don’t want ants to enter. Sprinkle coffee grounds on ant-hills to encourage the ants to move away.

10. Change the color of your hydrangeas

If you have a pink hydrangea in your garden, you may be able to change the color of the flower heads from bright pink to bright blue by sprinkling coffee grounds on the dirt for several weeks before the plant begins to bloom. The coffee grounds will make the soil near the hydrangea more acidic and may change the color.

Why not try these tips for re-using your coffee grounds? You’ll be saving money and cutting down on waste while you continue to enjoy drinking your favorite beverage.

Have you ever wondered what you can do with all those old coffee grounds left behind after you make coffee?  Now, wonder no more. Here are the top ten ways to use old coffee grounds.

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