Lunch Special

Lunch Special 10:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.


  • Seolleong Tang “설렁탕” Ox bone soup with sliced beef and noodles
  • Bibimbap “비빔밥” Rice with vegetables, ground beef, and fried egg
  • Haejang Guk “해장국” Spicy pork bone and ox blood soup
  • Dwenjang Jjigae “된장찌개” Bean paste, tofu, and vegetable stew


  • Kimchi Chigae “김치찌개” Spicy kimchi stew with pork
  • Gopchang Chigae “곱창찌개” Cow tripe stew
  • Seafood Soondooboo “해물순두부” Spicy soft tofu and seafood stew
  • Olgengyi Haejang Guk “올갱이해장국” Snail and cabbage soup


  • Daegu Maewoon Tang / Daegu Muhri Tang “대구매운탕/대구머리탕” Spicy codfish and vegetable soup or spicy codfish head soup


  • Godunguh+Dwenjang Chigae “고등어구이+된장찌개” Broiled mackerel with bean paste stew
  • Kalbi Box “갈비박스” Short rib, fried dumpling, salad, roll
  • Bulgogi Box “불고기박스” Marinated sliced beef, fried dumpling, salad, roll


  • Mukeunji Deungpyuh Chim “묵은지등뼈찜” Spicy kimchi casserole with pork back bone