Bibimbab & Casserole

BIBIMBAP 비빔밥 Steamed rice mixed with fresh vegetables, egg and choice of ground beef, beef, and seafood, etc. in hot stone pot. lt is popular dish of Korean cuisine. 38. Bibimbab “비빔밥” $12.99 Ground Beef, Vegetable and Egg with Hot Sauce 39. Yughoe Bibimbab “육회 비빔밥” $16.99 Raw Beet and Vegetable with Hot Sauce 40. … Read more

Noodle & Soft Tofu

NOODLES 면류 28. Mul Naengmyeon “물냉면” $11.99 Cold Buckwheat Noodle In Beef Broth 29. Bibim Naengmyeon “비빔냉면” $11.99 Spicy Cold Buckwheat Noodle 30. Janchi Gugsu “잔치국수” $10.99 Hot Noodle In Broth 31. Bibim Gugsu “비빔국수” $10.99 Spicy Cold Noodle SOFT TOFU 순두부 32. Kimchi Soon Doo Boo “김치 순두부” $11.99 Spicy Soft Tofu and Kimchi … Read more

Korean B.B.Q.

KOREAN B.B.Q. 구이류 One Order is 1/2 Lb. 7. Heugdwaeji Samgyupsal “흑돼지 삼겹살” $21.99 Sliced Black Pork Belly BBQ 8. Samgyupsal “삼겹살” $19.99 Sliced Pork Belly BBQ 9. Dae Pae Samgyupsal “대패 삼겹살” $21.99 Thin Sliced Pork Belly BBQ 10. Wine Sugseong Samgyupsal “와인 숙성 삼겹살” $21.99 Pork Belly Marinated in Wine 11. Kimchi Sugseong … Read more


ENTREES 식사류 67. Samgyetanq “삼계탕” $18.99 Young Chicken Soup Stuffed with Ginseng and sweet Rice 68. Doenjangjjigae “된장찌개” $11.99 Bean Paste, Tofu and Vegetable Stew 69. Daegu Maeuntang “대구매운탕” $14.99 Spicy Codfish and Vegetable Stew 70. Kimchibokk-eumbab “김치볶음밥” $11.99 Kimchi Fried Rice 71. Seolleongtang “설렁탕” $11.99 Ox Bone Soup with sliced Beef and Noodle 72. … Read more

Chef Special

CHEF SPECIAL 안주류 Ojing-eo Bokk-eum “오징어 볶음” $19.99 Spicy Pan-Fried Squid with Vegetable and Noodles Nagji Bokk-eum “낙지 볶음” $19.99 Spicy Pan-Fried Octopus with Vegetable and Noodles Jeyugbokk-eum “제육볶음” $19.99 Spicy Pan-Fried Pork with Vegetable and Noodles Galbi Jjim “갈비찜” $25.99 Marinated Prime Short-Rib and Vegetable Stew Hae Mool Pa Jun “해물파전” $16.99 Seafood Pancake … Read more