Muk Eun Ji featured in Basil Magazine

Muk Eun Ji featured in Basil Magazine New K-Town Restaurant Invites Manhattan Epicures to Experience the Most Exotic Taste from Korea “…They stressed the fact that they ensure that the Muk Eun Ji Kimchi is prepared according to the original recipe and standards. For this reason the Kimchi offered at Muk Eun Ji is imported … Read more

Muk Eun Ji Lunch Special Review: Midtownlunch

Muk Eun Ji lunch special is featured in Midtownlunch. “All of the lunch options come with plenty of panchan, or side dishes featuring various pickled or fermented vegetables, kimchi, potato salad, and in this case, a pair of spicy kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes).”- Read more on Midtownlunch. Have you tried Muk Eun Ji lunch special? If … Read more

Kimchi, One of World’s Healthiest Foods

Now, it’s a common knowledge that Kimchi is very healthy food. In fact, it’s selected as one of World’s Healthiest Foods by Health Magazine and also it’s featured in the book, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth written by Dr. Jonny Bowden. Kimchi is full of vitamin A, thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, calcium, and iron. It’s known … Read more

Muk Eun Ji, Korean Aged Kimchi

3,000 Year History of Kimchi It is presumed that Koreans ate kimchi as early as the Three Kingdoms Period and that at first it was not much different from pickled vegetables of China and Japan. Since red pepper was added around the mid-1700s, kimchi has become Korea’s distinct food. Many large earthenware pots have been found during … Read more

Muk Eun Ji Kimchi Menu

Muk Eun Ji Kimchi Menu Extraordinary Journey into 3,000 Year History of Authentic Korean Aged Kimchi in Korea Town in NYC,Exclusively Brought to You from Jinan, Maisan, Korea Muk Eun Ji Deungppyeo Jjim “묵은지 등뼈찜” $14.99 Aged Kimchi Braised with Backbone. Muk Eun Ji Godeungeo Jjim “묵은지 고등어찜” $14.99 Aged Kimchi Braised with Mackerel. Muk … Read more