Run out of songs

You know you've run out of songs to sing to the when you realize you're belting out "Oh, Canada!" Yes, I went through dozens of nursery rhymes that were locked in my brain, along with children's Sunday School songs, hymns, all the way down the list of Christmas songs, patriotic songs like "America the Beautiful" and the anthem itself which naturally led into "Oh, Canada" (attending lots of hockey games will do that to ya). I had to keep it going because it was one of the few quiet moments we've shared all day without his getting irritable (it was sweet watching him roll around on my lap sucking on his fingers).

He's fighting a little cold (as evidenced by the two large boogies I retrieved earlier) and the most freaky thing happened this morning... first, a little background: when he drinks his bottle, his hands are typically all over his face and head, pulling at his hair and rubbing his eyes. I've gotten nervous that he will scratch his eye or something; it takes a bit of force to keep his hands settled. I've actually seen him touch the whites of his eyes. Today, to my horror, he managed to push his eyelid up underneath itself in a split second and started waving his arms like "what did I just do?" I looked at his one closed eye trying to open and got freaked out when I didn't see any eyelashes.. they were all tucked under! I quickly fixed it and he was fine, but I immediately got freaked out and started to cry... my had gotten hurt for the very first time. What will I be like when he runs into the house with a bone sticking out of his forearm??

While I was in San Diego, there was an impromptu meeting at the office I heard about when I returned. The CEO gathered everyone together and announced that our VP of Sales is leaving the company and that Friday would be his last day. We already knew the VP of Marketing was leaving, but to have both vital roles vacant is a shock. He added that if any of us knows a good candidate for either position to let him know. The person who told me all this said that she thought the VP of Sales had probably threatened to leave on occasion (he and the CEO do get into quite a verbal match almost weekly) and that the CEO had decided to call his bluff. I thought, "well, this will be good. It will put him in his place for sure" but she said, "he has to leave now. It's been announced." I was like, "Just because it was announced doesn't mean he can't say he's decided to stay, right?" She answered, "other positions maybe... but not at the VP level. You just don't do that." So, the one my husband and I warmly refer to as Yardstick McGillicutty will no longer be working here.

My dad and my husband are working at the same place as of yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of that, but they're both happy. My dad was laid off only a few years short of retirement and didn't want to dip into his 401K too much until then. That's why this job as an office manager is perfect. He can work 10-5, it's close to home and I'm sure the stress level is less than half of his previous job as an engineering manager. I was surprised he applied for this job at all, but my mom said, although his degree is in electrical engineering, he minored in business and did a lot of accounting work way back then. He came home from his first day yesterday and told her he's gotta brush up on his 10-key skills. My mom is an accomplished accountant so they'll talk shop in the evenings, I'm sure.