Lunar Eclipse

We drove to the summit of Hwy 17 to see the lunar eclipse last night and met a handful of folks who had the same idea. One guy let us borrow his binoculars a few times. I've seen maybe one lunar eclipse before, but I don't remember being affected quite the same way. When daylight finally decreased, the moon appeared to be in some kind of haze. We thought it was still too low to see clearly but later realized it was entirely eclipsed by the Earth at that point. It was a beautiful terracotta color as if I was looking at a clay ball suspended in space. It was awesome. We had been waiting for what we thought was the haze to clear, when suddenly there was a glimpse of light on the left edge of the moon. It got bigger and bigger as the shadow of Earth moved to the right.

We were essentially watching the sunrise on the other side of the Earth, five minutes after watching our own sunset. When I thought of it that way, it tripped me out. I would stare for a while, look away, then stare again and it was all new. When I looked at it through magnification, it was like a huge flashlight was aimed at one side of the moon... it was very bright. There was a point in time when the moon resembled a painting from a high school art class... you know the ones of a ball or an apple... very 3-dimensional, but this one was obviously not sitting on a table or anything. I just got this huge feeling of admiration for the Creator and thought this may be one of His ways of tapping us on the shoulder to stop with our busy lives and look to Him. I feel the same way about rainbows.

Matrix of Mayhe.

I decided to buy tickets to see the Matrix because, although neither of us like opening weekends of anything, my husband didn't want to risk hearing about the movie before he got the chance to see it. So, I stopped by the theatre on my way to work since I'd already been out at the hospital this morning. I drove up to the theatre at 9:57am. There was a line of people who held tickets to the first showing at 1:00, about 50 people long already! They had their lounge chairs all set up to wait over 3 hours. I couldn't believe it.

I recently found out that an old friend of mine will lose his father to cancer within the week. I was shocked. His wife has been sending updates so we can continue to pray that his other two sons might have a spiritual epiphany in reaction to this sudden downturn of events. It is unfortunate that the pain medication only serves to cloud his reality, making it difficult to spend quality moments with his family while doing very little to truly ease his pain. I've only had one experience with hospital narcotics; I was still aware of my pain but did not feel like I was part of the conversation my mother and husband had in those hours they waited with me... I barely knew they were in the room, and at times thought there were more than one of each of them walking around. That day, we were awaiting the birth of our child. I cannot imagine awaiting my own death in such a state. Here I am talking all about me, me, me. I need to find a practical way to be there for my friend... that's it! I can offer to babysit while they stay with him!