Earthquake today

There was an earthquake today that killed 2 people, 3 days before Christmas. I thought back to where I was at 11:16am and realized I actually did feel it. I was in my car at a stop light but didn't think too much of the motion because we were on an exit ramp. It did cross my mind though, "this feels like I'm stopped on a bridge, but I thought exit ramps were built on the solid ground. I don't remember this exit feeling like this.. there aren't any big trucks going by, either." I should ask my husband if he felt it... he called my cellphone maybe 2 minutes after that stop light to see how close I was to his building... we were going out to lunch. I wonder if those two people were on their way to lunch or, more likely, Christmas shopping. One truly never knows when her life may end.

Well, I made it through the party. I actually enjoyed being there even with this cold, although I wasn't planning to talk quite so much! Surprisingly, I didn't feel any of the previous ill-will toward certain folks. Their actions about 3 months ago were hurtful, but maybe this is what "time heals all wounds" is referring to. Those hurtful times didn't even cross my mind while talking to these folks... until a few minutes later when I could share with my husband quietly that I hope they didn't take anything I said the wrong way. I said something about having a very understanding boss to let me come to this party in the middle of the day and later hoped the guy didn't take it to mean HE's not an understanding boss toward my husband. I finally figured out what his response really meant... he said, "tough times require a tough man to make it through" referring to the passing of my boss's wife two months ago. Now, I don't fully agree with that statement, but he was nonetheless offering a compliment. My boss really is an amazing person.

I've officially developed The Cold. Thankfully, it's not The Flu, at least not yet. Today oughta be interesting... it's my husband's staff holiday party. Now that I think about it, this is probably excellent timing to have a sore throat because I won't be tempted to say something I'll regret. I can just point to my throat when people want to engage in coversation.

I'm finally going to get our photos developed for our Christmas cards today. It seems like no matter how early we buy the tree (the background in our photo) and address envelopes, the cards never really get into the mail until the week before Christmas. I suppose that's still pretty good... especially considering I've expanded my list this year to include 62 people. I sent 22 cards last week (the ones that I didn't get a photo), and I counted another 40 that are just waiting to be sent. I could hardly believe it. A lot of those folks will probably drop off the list next year, since we're going to a new church now. I also try to remember the women who've lost their husbands within the last two years. This has got to be one of the loneliest times for them.