Almost completely

We are almost completely moved into my parents' house. My husband hopped into the shower last night was that I haven't used that shower since my wedding day 4 and a half years ago. It's strange and exciting to think our little boy will spend a couple of years in the house where I grew up.

Still, it will take some time before I really feel like it's our space because my sister's family had lived there for a long time. I've arranged our bedroom and the he's bedroom furniture differently than they had theirs which I'm hoping will help a little. I'm also trying to be ultra respectful of the downstairs areas even though we'll share the kitchen. I don't want the he's toys strewn all over my mom's house the way my nephew's were.

He slept very well on our first two nights there. I wonder what he's thinking when he looks around at his new room... all of his stuff is there, but it's not the room he remembers. Then, while we're at the apartment packing up the little things, he lays on his floor playing with his own toys, but the rest of the room looks empty. It's a lot more difficult on my 3 year old nephew to be in a new place and to see his old room being set up for his cousin. He said the other day, "I don't like this room. Throw away this room! I don't like this bed. Throw away this bed!" My sister had to remind him that their stuff wasn't at Grandma's house anymore and he said, "then throw away Grandma's house too!"

At work today, one of the VP's casually said, "how's the new house!?" and I felt like my face sagged when I said, "it's ok". The guy said, "it's a lot of work, isn't it?" assuming we had bought a place and were fixing it up. I just responded, "yeah, we're still moving". He had the happy look on his face that I dream of having when we finally get a place of our own. I just have to keep my eye on the goal... maybe I'll pin up a Real Estate ad or something as a reminder.

As it turns out, DSL is not available in the area to which we are moving. It's surprising because there are plenty of new housing developments in that area that I would expect would have DSL... they just didn't want to go another 2,500 feet. 2,500 feet! Oh well. So our choices are 1) Dial-up, in which case we can keep our SBC e-mail addresses but we'd either have a busy signal on our phone line or have to pay for an additional phone #, or 2) Cable, which may be more expensive than DSL... we haven't checked on it yet, but we'd have to pay an additional $9.95 per month to keep our e-mail addresses. My husband tells me he would sooner die than have to deal with Dial-up again, so we're going with Cable. Thankfully, we have 30 days to decide what to do about the e-mail addresses... which wouldn't be a big deal except that there's no telling how many companies know us exclusively via our e-mail addresses (the hubby alone has 10 addresses on our current account). So, that has yet to be worked out. But, the best part is we get to keep our current phone number!! I wasn't wanting to deal with all of this, but found myself on the phone with SBC anyway to dispute my Yellow Pages advertising charge because they printed the wrong number... might as well kill a dozen birds with one stone if I can. And the hubby is so very grateful... he hates customer service red-tape (he won't even order a pizza over the phone). In exchange, he will be carrying nearly everything we own into our new home. I think I'm getting the better end of the deal. Well, I'd better get back to packing! My little boy is at a friend's house for 12 hours today so that I can pack... at least I got to talk to him on the phone earlier