Experience 3,000 Year History of Kimchi at
Muk Eun Ji [ muk ən ji ] Restaurant

According to researches, Koreans started eating kimchi as early as the Three Kingdoms Period which at that time did not have its individual characters to be distinguished from other pickled vegetables in China and Japan. Since red pepper became a primary ingredient making Korean kimchi around the mid-1700s, the kimchi has been the signature Korean food both as main or side dish.

“Muk Eun Ji,” one of over 400 different kinds of Korean kimchi, gets the title when kimchi is fermented over a year at the minimum. This beloved Korean traditional aged kimchi, Muk Eun Ji, has fed since ancient generations till now with its unique and rich flavor which is almost addictive once tasted. Only at Muk Eun Ji restaurant, you will be introduced to this authentic Korean aged kimchi, directly and exclusively imported from Jinan Maisan in South Korea.

The extraordinary discovery of Korean traditional aged kimchi with three millennium long history is now only a bite away at Muk Eun Ji restaurant.


Muk Eun Ji’s Aged Kimchi: The Artisanship of Fermentation

With over 400 varieties of Kimchi, Muk Eun Ji‘s aged Kimchi is inspired by the classical taste and traditions of Kimchi‘s 3000 year old history. Muk Eun Ji is proud to serve an exceptional form of Kimchi that excels in quality and flavor. You can enjoy Muk Eun Ji‘s aged Kimchi through our Kimchi menu section or you can even purchase a packages of our Kimchi to enjoy from home.